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The scope for the Monitoring Licence includes the following items:
  • Providing for the integrity of EGM transactions
  • Identify and Report Significant Events
  • Record, monitor and control game play transactions and revenue generated from each EGM
  • Facilitate Linked Jackpot Arrangements
  • Provide Jackpot Financial Administration Services
  • Provide Data and information on Gaming Machines for regulatory, taxation, research and related purposes


The services to be provided by Intralot Gaming Services (IGS) as dictated by the Monitoring Licence include all of the following:
  • Develop and install all necessary Monitoring Equipment
  • Establish Data connections to Gaming Venues and the Victorian Commission for Gambling and Liquor Regulation (VCGLR)
  • Configure Gaming Equipment
  • Monitor all Available Machines from and after the Commencement Date
  • Log, search and report Significant Events
  • Continuously collect individual device, jackpot related, financial and meter data
  • Validate Gaming Equipment


IGS, based on the Monitoring System, will provide the following items to assist the Venue operators:
  • The capability to reconcile meter Data against funds contained within the EGM
  • Effect changes to the EGMs parameters / configuration
  • Gaming Data to each Participating Venue
  • Performance reporting as specified from time to time by the VCGLR.


IGS has the following operational requirements dictated by the Monitoring Licence:
  • Provide real time commands to Gaming Equipment
  • Maintain current and historical data for the term of the Monitoring Licence
  • Allow continuation of gaming up to 24 hours when the link from the site to the central system is not operational
  • Provide a service desk (including Help Desk) facility
  • Support the 3 existing Gaming Communication protocols (QCOM, VLC Tatts, VLC Tabcorp)
  • Implement new Gaming Machine Communication Protocol(s)

IGS must also provide the following information to the VCGLR:
  • financial data, EGM locations and game software in use, and jackpot configurations and financials
  • a live feed of significant event data to the VCGLR


There is a list of services which must be provided where a Jackpot System is in place. These include the following:
  • Facilitation of Linked Jackpots and Multiple Venue Linked Jackpots
  • Implementation of interfaces to selected Jackpot Displays
  • Monitoring and reporting on Jackpots
  • Enable Venue Operators to establish, configure, alter or remove all Linked Jackpot Arrangements
  • Provide Statistical and Financial Jackpot information
  • Provide Jackpot Data to support the player information display on EGMs
  • Financial administration of Multiple Venue Linked Jackpot Arrangements