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The important dates that Venue Operators must be aware of are as follows:

New Monitoring System Completion 13 February 2013
New Monitoring System Commencement 16 August 2012
Monitoring Readiness 16 May 2012


06 December 2012 Monitoring Service Update
29 October 2012 Notification - Coin Drop Adjustments
29 October 2012 Notification - Telstra Telephone Line
18 October 2012 Venue Operator Training
18 October 2012 Venue Communication
05 October 2012 Notification - Migration Status
04 October 2012 Notification - EGM Deployments and Changes (Scheduled Works)
01 August 2012 Venue Operator Training
18 June 2012 REMINDER - Venue Monitoring Services Agreement
5 June 2012 IGS Venue Monitoring Equipment Rollout Letter
23 May 2012 UPDATE - Venue Monitoring Services Agreement
15 May 2012 Connection Notification UPDATE
27 April 2012 Jackpot Arrangements Letter
19 April 2012 Connection Notification Letter
Connection Notification Cover Page
Connection Annexure C
Connection Annexure D
14 March 2012 Connection Obligations
Existing Gaming Venue Operators
New Gaming Venue Operators


The Transition to the new Monitoring System will be performed in a progressive manner. It will entail the following items:
  • Detailed Gaming Venue Preparation Rollout Plan.
  • Progressively prepare Gaming Venues and install Monitoring System equipment following the Rollout Plan.
  • Detailed Gaming Venue Migration/Commissioning Plan.
  • Starting on the Commencement Date, progressively migrate Gaming Venues from the Legacy Systems to the new Monitoring System, following the Gaming Venue Migration/Commissioning Plan.
  • New Venues: all Electronic Gaming Machines (EGMs) to be commissioned prior to the Commencement Date and to be activated on the Commencement Date
  • All "field" activities in gaming venues will be centrally coordinated by the Intralot Gaming Services (IGS) Help Desk.