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Each EGM and Gaming Venue (outside the Melbourne Casino) will need to be connected to the new Intralot Gaming Services (IGS) Monitoring System. In order for IGS to perform its functions as monitor, IGS will be required to undertake a site survey of each Gaming Venue (outside the Melbourne Casino) in Victoria to gather detailed specifications and plans to enable the effective implementation of the new Monitoring System's network. These site surveys will give IGS an understanding of the equipment, cabling, labour and ancillary items required to ‘fit out’ each Gaming Venue for connection to the Monitoring System. The site surveys will be conducted by IGS's contractor, Amtek Corporation Limited (Amtek).

It is therefore important that IGS, Amtek and each Gaming Venue work together in order to achieve a seamless connection of all Gaming Venues (outside the Melbourne Casino) to the new Monitoring System.

All Gaming Venues (outside the Melbourne Casino) should have received a letter from IGS providing important information regarding the upcoming site surveys for the IGS Monitoring System network. Please contact us if you have not received a letter from IGS or if your contact details need to be updated. Please note that all Gaming Venue's contact information was supplied to IGS by the Victorian Commission for Gambling and Liquor Regulation (VCGLR). Please remember to update your contact details with the VCGLR and to keep the VCGLR advised should any of your contact details change in the future.

A copy of IGS's presentation delivered to the Gaming Industry in October 2011 is available here.